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Alcohol & Drug Rehab Newport Beach

Addiction Treatment Center Newport Beach
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Outpatient Rehab Orange County

Inpatient rehab refers to a residential facility where you live at the treatment center from start to finish. Outpatient rehab consists of attending the program on-site during regular hours but residing elsewhere at home or in a different location. In some cases, a...

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Alcohol Rehab Orange County

Alcohol rehab centers across Orange County offer different programs, services, and levels of care. The extent to which each center can provide its level of care has a lot to do with where the center is located about the individual seeking treatment. For example, suppo...

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Drug Rehab Newport Beach

Drug rehab in Newport Beach is a huge thing. Many people are going through it, and they all have their tale to tell about how addiction got ahold of them and brought them down. However, some commonalities run across most stories - things like broken relationships with fa...

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Crack Addiction Newport Beach

Pregnancy is a beautiful time in a mother's life. This is the beginning of your little one's life where she or he starts learning new things all the time, adjusts to her surroundings, and continues growing day by day. However, it's also very challenging because so m...

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Cocaine Rehab Newport Beach

Those who struggle with cocaine addiction know that it is a serious, life-threatening problem. This drug has ruined countless lives, and its users typically struggle to overcome their addiction for the rest of their days. While we understand why many turn to this illi...

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Methamphetamine Detox Newport Beach

Methamphetamine, also known as meth or crystal, is an incredibly addictive stimulant drug. Its effects are similar to cocaine but with a longer-lasting high. When someone decides they are ready to get treatment for the addiction that is methamphetamine, they c...

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Methamphetamine Addiction Treatment Newport Beach

Methamphetamine (meth) is an extremely addictive drug. This powerful stimulant is similar to amphetamine, but it is made with different chemicals and is stronger than Adderall or Ritalin. Methamphetamine has many names on the street like crank, c...

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Meth Treatment in Newport Beach

Methamphetamine is a powerful, addictive stimulant that can have long-lasting effects on the user. Unfortunately, methamphetamine addiction is a growing problem in the United States. Crystal meth is a particularly potent form of methamphetamine that is becoming in...

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Meth Detox Newport Beach

The first step of the rehab process is to remove any traces of meth (or other drugs, for that matter) from your body. Meth can stay in your body for a long time – months and years – and the longer you're off it, the easier it'll be to come off. You need to rid yourself a...

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5 months ago
There are so many addiction treatment centers in SOCAL it's oevrwhelming. So how do you choose? I simply called everyone of the first 20. It's not hard find the one for you. Many of them give you the hard sell, just want to get you in ASAP. Have your BS meter at the ready because some are llike Snake Oil salesman too! You'll find the ones that are good take their time to understand your situation and provide options for you so that you can make the best educated decision.
- Dawn S
5 months ago
The best rehab center in Southern California in our opinion!
- Kevin B
2 weeks ago
I spent 8 months in one of the Soberlivings. It has helped me become familiar with the AA program. I know now how to live in the world and recovery. If you have a desire to change this is one of thee best Soberlivings out there. The staff genuinely cares.
- Everett K

Crescent Moon Recovery of Newport Beach

In Newport Beach, CA, Crescent Moon Recovery of Newport Beach offers several levels of care for people who have been harmed by substance abuse and co-occurring mental health problems. The range of treatment services in Newport Beach we provide starts with alcohol or drug detoxification before moving on to residential treatment and targeted outpatient therapy.

Why choose Crescent Moon Recovery of Newport Beach
Crescent Moon Recovery of Newport Beach is a fully accredited and certified Drug rehab Newport Beach as it meets rigorous requirements for patient care and safety. The commission in Newport Beach certifies and appraises health care agencies and communities to make sure they offer the highest level of services to clients.

At Crescent Moon Recovery of Newport Beach, you can rely on the treatment programs that meet all your needs. We collaborate with those struggling with drug or alcohol addiction to improve their quality of life and set them free from toxic behaviors and substances.

Inpatient and outpatient treatment
Our skilled and seasoned team provides round-the-clock care via inpatient or residential treatment. Stay with other individuals under the guidance of our friendly employees. This means you will have access to instant help whenever you require it without the need to wait for an appointment.

Your treatment crew of experts will guide you through your treatment plan and track your progress while you work with our experts. They will update your treatment plan if necessary for optimal care.

For the victims who require Drug treatment center Newport Beach for some reason can't stay at our facility 24 hours a day, there is our intensive outpatient program. In this plan, patients stay at home to continue with their daily activities while still under rehabilitation.

Outpatient treatment offers help for almost 19 hours every week on a flexible basis.

Substance treatment designed to your requirements
Substance abuse treatment at Crescent Moon Recovery of Newport Beach is designed to meet your physical, emotional, and spiritual requirements for holistic care. We do this in a collaborative environment with experts who provide insight, understanding, and empowerment to set you on a course of balanced and healthy life.

Crescent Moon Recovery of Newport Beach has been in the frontline, offering detox, residential treatment and residential treatment, and outpatient treatment for people suffering from alcohol or drug abuse. We do well at visiting people wherever they are located in their addiction and help them.

Our services
At Crescent Moon Recovery of Newport Beach, we offer a wide range of services to all our clients. Our primary goal is to make sure all drug or alcohol addicts are living healthy and balanced lives. Some of the services we offer include:

Drug rehab-a personal journey
Every person is unique, so is addiction. For this reason, the type of Drug treatment Newport Beach that works for one individual might not work for another. That’s why rehab professionals need to know how to adapt a treatment plan for the particular needs of every individual.

Due to this, our approach at Crescent Moon Recovery of Newport Beach is to apply a highly customized treatment plan for each of our patients. Personal therapy seasons are performed several times a week to assist people in resolving the underlying problems related to the addiction. A broad range of activities and other treatment alternatives are as well offered that help people find ways to distress and replace destructive habits with healthy options.

We notice that most individuals seek a spiritual aspect to their recovery process. To meet these needs, we provide spiritual and Christian emphases for those who desire. The broad range of options and personalized care assist in making sure that every person gets the needed attention and the kind of treatment that will best assist them in recovering.

Alcohol rehab
Alcohol addiction is a chronic brain condition that is characterized by the loss of control over alcohol intake and a negative emotional state when not consuming it. For many years, people have had a hard time trying to understand and successfully manage the massive amount of power that alcohol has in the body and mind. Once addition can’t be controlled, then Alcohol rehab Orange County is the most effective way to handle the abuse.

If you are searching for an alcohol rehab center in Newport Beach, Crescent Moon Recovery of Newport Beach should be your best bet. We have helped thousands of individuals overcome their addictions, and we are ready to help you. Our center is conveniently situated, so you won't have to drive long hours to find treatment.

By undergoing our addiction treatment, you will continue interacting with relatives who support you on the path to recovery. We provide cutting-edge addiction treatments; the services are offered by knowledgeable experts, including the therapist.

Alcohol rehabilitation requires at least 30 days since our experts work with the whole individual. Quitting drinking alcohol isn’t enough since if you don’t learn the best ways to self-soothe and handle the challenging situation, you will relapse immediately after leaving the rehab center. That is why Crescent Moon Recovery of Newport Beach pays more attention to alcoholism. Call us any day to see if we are the right Drug rehab Newport Beach and alcohol rehab facility for you. The path to recovery is long and complicated, but contacting us is the first move.

Crescent Moon Recovery of Newport Beach
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